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Master Austin

An unforgettable experience.

Cuckold. You've fantasized about it and now it's time to act on your urge. Watch an alpha male take control. Maybe you want to watch us from afar, enjoying a meal on your card or do you want to watch his ravish me and clean up his mess. Perhaps you want to be smothered under his amazing ass or feet? Whatever you choose it's a time you surely won't forget. Double rate in effect when adding Master Austin. Also available for single sessions.

Clients Cuck Reviews
True comments from real clients.

"Thank you both so much. That was an amazing experience. You two are an incredible duo, I'm still on a high."

-Client from Toronto

"Thank you for allowing me to try my forced bi fantasy in a safe space. I am still learning what works for me and I appreciated the respect and chill vibe you two gave afterward. Loved that it wasn't awkward."

-Local Miami client

"That was so hot. I have always wanted to do a cuckold session and I am so glad my first was with you guys. Will def book again soon!"

-Client from NY

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