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Appointments I enjoy are listed below. I couldn't possibly list everything I do and engage in, so if you do not see something, just ask. Sessions are Incall at a studio in Lighthouse Point 5 mins from 95. Outcall will be considered with refs and a minimum time is required. I do offer FMTY or fly me to you however a minimum booking is required.

BDSM RATES (South FL studio): 

BDSM sessions start at $450/hr and go from there. Please understand a client who wants to clean my car while I point & laugh will have a different rate than a client who wants my beautiful ass on their face for 2 hours. All sessions require a 50% deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Want to spend time together. Or would like to form a connection before play. We can make that happen. You can expect the rate to start around $975 for 3 hours (90 minutes dinner/activity and 90 minutes bdsm based play).



Maybe you aren't into BDSM but still want to spend some time with me? Special consideration for a more traditional style date can always be made just know these dates tend to start around $1800 for 3 hours and not all request for this style date will be granted. I prefer to form a connection first and foremost and if I feel we won't click I will pass.



If my schedule allows it I can accommodate same day sessions (sessions booked with less than 24 hour notice) however same day bookings will incur a same day fee in addition to the hourly rate given. For sessions booked with less than 24 hour notice the fee is $100. For sessions booked with less than 3 hour notice the fee is $150.


Since it cost money to travel my hourly rate is a bit higher when touring. I always try to keep it as low as possible and certain areas will be more than others based on local prices but you can generally expect an hourly rate increase of $30-$50 added to my normal hourly of $450.


Deposits can made the following way-electronically via Cashapp under username $CashMastFL or digitally via Vanilla Visa egift-cards sent to my email directly from Vanilla Visa, not sent to your email then forwarded to me. Please ask me before using the Vanilla Visa method. Cash is not accepted for deposit. It is only accepted and required for your remaining balance at the start of your session. 


Can I pay using a Amazon/Store gift card?

Yes, however there is a $50 an hour surcharge for depositing with this method. The reality is the bank doesn't accept gift cards for my car note nor does my landlord for my rent. I am limited as to where I can spend that gift card so I require compensation for my making an exception. Your remaining balance is due in cash at the start of our session. No exceptions. Failure to do so can result in forfeiture of your session and deposit.

Can I buy a Visa or Amex at CVS and send you the number for deposit? 

Unfortunately I do not accept this method. Visa or Amex gift cards are only accepted if they are sent digitally and sent directly to my email from the company (not sent to your email first then forwarded to mine) to ensure the number isn't compromised/already used. 

Do you accept cash for deposit?

Occasionally, if I am given a good reason to, however there is a surcharge of $150 for using this method as it means taking time out of my day to collect it from you. With so many payment options available it's not necessary to make depositing a time consuming affair so if you insist on using this method I need to be compensated. Please keep in mind cash deposits still need to be approved by me. DO not assume I will accept it, especially if it's a busy week for me.

What about zelle, Venmo or PP?

The reality is most of these methods aren't friendly to those in this industry. These 3 above can be difficult for those in this field to the point I no longer accept them. I will take zelle from established and trusted clients but again that's for established clients.


While it isn't mandatory to tip your Mistress it is a nice way to say you enjoyed your time together. Being a domme is a very expensive line of work between clothing, shoes, makeup, training (we are always learning new techniques & skills!) , marketing, dungeon rental, tools and so much more. Tipping let's us know you appreciate the time and effort we take into making your session as amazing as humanly possible.

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