When I am not running my office, I enjoy using men for my amusement or mesmerizing them with my luscious ass. If you want to submit to me, it's because you enjoy a truly dominant woman to take control over you.

My commanding presence, long blonde hair, piercing eyes and amazing curves will have you begging for more.

Where do you feel that you belong?

Under my big luscious ass where I take your breath away, or under my size 10 feet?

 You will instantly know your place the moment you walk through the door. 

While I am patient with those who are newer and nervous, and do have a wonderful down-to-earth personality, do not mistake that for weakness. I do not tolerate disobedience and disrespect.

You will follow my commands, not the other way around.

You will only have permission to touch me when I say, and where I say.  

Do NOT disappoint me. 

For those who desire a ruthlessly cruel Mistress, I can absolutely fill that role (safely and sanely),

as verbal humiliation and degradation is a specialty of mine. 

 Want a sample of that?

I offer text & phone sessions.

Text $100 for 30 mins or $175 for 60 mins

Phone $150 for 30 mins or $250 for 60 mins

Must be paid upfront to receive discount.

I will enjoy having you on a leash, and bending you to my will, as you fall weaker and weaker in your submission to me. 

I enjoy being spoiled by those who worship me. Take Mistress shopping or purchase something from my wishlist (coming soon). 

Currently, I conduct my appointments at Eden Studios.

Eden studios is a multiple room dungeon located in Delray Beach, and is the largest and most equipped private dungeon in the South Eastern United States, owned by Mistress Michelle Lacy. You can be assured that when coming to the studio, that you are coming to a private, safe and sanitized space run by a top reputable industry professional with only a very small amount of select Mistresses using the facility who maintain a highly professional reputation.

While the studio is equipped for every type of appointment including corporal punishment, cross-dressing and sissification as well as overnight slavery appointments, it is not a “scary” place to come to at all. 

Outcall is also available but ONLY with references from currently working professional Mistresses. 

Double Mistress appointments are available with Mistress Michelle Lacy and Mistress Leah.