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Sessions Offered

The interest offered below are just a fraction of what I offer*

If you have something else in mind feel free to reach out and ask. I am open minded with a genuine love for kink.


For a more GFE domina experience or traditional time together please visit this page.

The following session types are NOT offered.

While I do not judge anyone the following session types/interest are not catered to and I am firm on thisI do not offer:

-Roman Showers

-SCAT. Golden showers, dirty ass cleanup and farts are fine!!! (when possible, I will not purposely give myself gas for you nor do I possess the ability). I don't do FTT. For some reason scat enthusiast forget I am human and cannot control my bodily functions to meet their needs so instead of dealing with asinine request that drive me nuts I just don't offer it.

-Cuckold with anyone else besides my partner.

-BBC. I do not cater to BBC so please do not ask me to procure a BBC partner for your cuckold session.

-Animals or Children. These interest will not even be discussed and any mention will result in a immediate block.

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