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I love traveling and exploring my country so why not make the best of it and meet you all too so I bought a luxury RV and outfitted it for sessioning (learn more below).

Lately I've been touring in my RV however if I'm in flying to your city it will be noted on the tour schedule as a hotel stop. PLEASE NOTE: If you are booking a session that falls on a travel day I do reserve the right to reschedule your session or push it back if there is a delay out of my control. Its very rare for this to happen as I always calculate my travel time to correlate with booked sessions but the reality is sometimes unexpected delays happen like a delayed flight or unexpected traffic and I can't control it so if I'm delayed and it looks like it will affect our time together I ask that you work with me. I promise I will make it up to you as long as you communicate politely. Trust me it's just as frustrating for me. Again it's rare but I do like to mention it.

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Not coming to your city? I can come to you via FMTY (Fly Me To You)

To arrange an FMTY email me at

Tour Notification List 

Don't see your city on the list?  Get added to mistresses 2023 tour schedule.

If I decide to stop by your area I will email you a few weeks before with the date and availability. A tribute of $50 is required to be added to the list.

Email to be added to the list.

2024 Session Across the US

Introducing the experience of a lifetime! Over the next 18 months I will be taking breaks from my South Florida location and traveling across the US in my luxury camper Gia allowing me to session with each stop. This amazing opportunity will not only allow me to see the country, but it will give me the ability to session in areas I might not normally stop in allowing me to see clients that might not normally make it to South Florida. I will also be stopping in the usual metropolitan areas as well. Below you can find my latest stops. If you don't see your town listed above and it's en route to my next destination I may be able to accommodate you if planned in advance. If you don't see a certain time period listed that means I will be in South FL during that time period.


Meet Gia

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