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Girlfriend Experience 
BDSM Style or Traditional

Open to all--men, women, couples, all of the LGBTQ community. 


A twist on the classic offering* allowing clients who may be new to kink or prefer a more sensual hand a different type of session. From a few hours to a weekend your perfect session does exist.


Please read below to learn more about my gfe protocol, my expectations and what is not allowed with mistresses GFE experience

Before you book...

GFE BDSM is just a kinder more sensual way to play in the kink community for those who prefer a different way. I will occasionally consider a more traditional style date with established clients who I have chemistry with.


Many in the industry might question why a mistress would even offer something like this. Simply put I want those who view BDSM as nothing but a beatdown to experience the full spectrum offered and while I can certainly offer a beatdown I can also offer a gentle hand.

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