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Booking Procedure

This page will tell you about how to properly book and deposit with me.

First thing's first, fill out my contact form or send me an email to request an appointment. If you haven't done that yet, do it now via the CONTACT page. Wait for my response.

Once I accept your appointment and we have decided a day and time, continue on this page as I instruct. 


Deposits and Procedure

I have approved our appointment, and you are moving on to depositing and the appointment procedure. It's easy. 


Deposits are due asap not "later" or the next day. Do not book unless you are ready to deposit. I take Cashapp under username $Cashmastfl alternatively I accept PP sent via "friends and family" selected, not "goods and services or Bitcoin." If you cannot do any of the above I do accept Vanilla Visa giftcards sent directly to my email (not sent to yours then forwarded to me) and occasionally I will accept digital giftcards from other stores.

Deposits are 50% of the total cost of the appointment with your balance due in cash upon arrival. Failure to bring your balance in cash may result in forfeiture of appointment or extra fees.


Deposits are non-refundable however they can be used towards a future appointment if session is canceled with a minimum of 12 hours from our appointment time. Our new start time must take place within 7-10 days of the original appointment.


After I receive your deposit, you will receive an email confirming our session date & time. I will also request a phone number to text you at the day of our session. Alternatively email can be used. You will be contacted the morning/afternoon of our session to confirm our appointment. Once confirmed you will be given the address then and ONLY THEN. If I do not hear from you, I will make an attempt to contact you via your email used in our prior communication. If you never confirm or do not respond up to 1.5 hours from our appointment, I will consider the appointment cancelled due to an emergency or cold feet and you will lose your deposit. Even regulars have to confirm, so I know they are coming. Yes, even regulars have things happen and don't show up. 


I am always grateful & excited when someone chooses me to fulfill their kinks & fantasies however it must be understood I also have other obligations and clients. At this point we no longer need to continue our dialogue until we get within 24 hours of our session time however I know many of you like to chat before then and that's ok, it's why I set up the paid text session option. This also allows you to go further into your interest beyond normal booking chat. However if you decline this option that is ok too! What is not ok is trying to text or email me before your session trying to hold a conversation without paying for my time. Your deposit covers our time in session together it does not cover chatting leading up to it. I will remind you one more time about my text sessions if you decline and continue to attempt conversation I will start deducting time off your session. Simply put it is not cool to use my time without compensation then expect your full hour session.


Arrive no more than 5 minutes early. If you find yourself in the area earlier there is a Whole Foods plaza nearby you can wait at. Please do not sit in the driveway to wait. Arriving early takes away the privacy of the person who is leaving prior to you, or the slave who is helping me prepare the studio, plus it puts additional pressure on me to be ready much sooner.

Lateness will NOT be tolerated either. You have a 15 minute window of allowance due to an unforeseen issue. Any longer and time begins deducting from our time together, as I cannot rudely push any other appointments later into the evening. If this happens and I have the time I will allow you to extend your appointment for an additional fee.


If you do not have time before you leave your home or work to shower and prep, you are welcome to shower and freshen up at the studio. That is why there are facilities there to do so. A shower early that morning and a 9 hour workday may not have you feeling as fresh as you would like. It is perfectly ok to request to shower upon arrival. We have everything you need to freshen up at the studio. You may also shower before leaving if you need to. If you decide that you are interested in sticking toys inside yourself anally, make sure you google how to enema for anal play, and take care that. 


Many people ask about tipping or bringing a gift. Neither situation is mandatory, but it is always appreciated. Cash tips are always appreciated. From furthering my education in kink to outfits, studio rent, equipment, self-care and more makes being a domme expensive. Your tips help with these expenses and are a great way to say thank you. I also enjoy gift cards to Starbucks, Houstons (restaurant), Melting Pot (restaurant) and I love Lilly Pulitzer (clothing store), Stoney Clover, Bloomingdales, Jimmy Choo (size 11), Target and more. I also travel frequently and appreciate gift cards from JetBlue, Delta, and Airbnb.

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