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  • Can you do a webcam appointment with me?
    For personal privacy reasons I do NOT offer webcam sessions of any kind.
  • Do you take same-day appointments?
    If my schedule allows it I can accommodate same day sessions (sessions booked with less than 24 hour notice) however same day bookings will incur a same day fee in addition to the hourly rate given. For sessions booked with less than 24 hour notice the fee is $100. For sessions booked with less than 3 hour notice the fee is $150.
  • What is your shoe size?
    I am a size 10.
  • Can I record or take pics during my appointment?
    Under no circumstances are clients allowed to take photos or videos during their appointment. With client permission I may take photos of your appointment with my device for marketing purposes but will never post anything that risks clients identity such as face, tattoos, etc.
  • Where do you Session? Do you do outcall?
    I take appointments in Delray Beach at Eden Studios (the dungeon of Mistress Michelle Lacy). I do outcall only with references from currently working Mistresses.
  • Can I bring you a gift?
    Of course you can. I love giftcards to Starbucks, Houstons (restaurant), The Melting Pot (restaurant), a gift card to a spa such as the Eau Spa ($250 minimum).
  • What does the does the dungeon have?
    Eden Studios is a fully-equipped dungeon with multiple themed rooms. Mistress Michelle prefers to call it a STUDIO vs a dungeon, because it covers a wide range of appointment themes and activities. Rooms: -Domestic areas -Sissy/CD wardrobe room -Rubber room -Suspension bondage -Impact play room -bathroom/shower The studio has: BDSM: every impact play toy (paddles, straps, canes, floggers, whips and much more) Bondage gear (sleep sacks, straight jackets, vac bed, hoods, mitts, arm binders, leather/latex, bondage table, bondage board, bondage chair and so much more) Cross, spanking bench, hoist, 6ft cage. Blindfolds. Electrics. Puppy/pony play gear. CD/Sissy: Crossdressing clothes from pretty to sexy. High heels. Make-up. Wigs. Breast forms. Sissy maid outfits of different types and ruffles. Locking maid outfits. Pantyhose. Panties. Accessories. Overnight sleeping capabilities for Mistress and subs.
  • What is your overall style?
    My style varies depending on the mood I am in and the theme of the appointment. I am a bit bossy, and like having the control. I can be cruel if the appointment requires it. I can also be a big softer easing the new and nervous into their scenes. I fit the "strict teacher" or "commanding boss" role very well. I can also be sultry and there can be some eroticism to my scenes as well if it fits.
  • What are your rules?
    -No touching me ANYWHERE without my permission or command to do so. -No showing up drunk or on drugs. You will be turned away and blacklisted. -You must shower before our appointment and have good hygiene. If you need to do it at the dungeon, you are more than welcome to use the shower facilities there, single-use toothbrushes, mouthwash, that's why they are there! -My booking line is not a chat line. It is for confirming your appointment, and letting me know if there is a problem or a concern. Please do not contact me on it just to say hello or send me photos I did not ask for. -You cannot pull up at the studio more than 5 minutes before our appointment time. Do not show up early. -I do not have sex with my clients or engage in sexual contact. -Outcalls require references from currently working Mistresses.
  • Do you see newbies?
    Yes. I am happy to see newbies and we can start nice and easy. We will chat a lot first and only start when it seems you are comfortable.
  • Do you travel? Can I fly you to me?
    I occasstionally am in Upstate NY and some other places, but not very often. If you are out of state and would like me to fly to your area for an appointment, you must provide references from several currently working Mistresses. You will be expected to cover: -The cost of a minimum amount of appointment hours whether you choose to use up that time or not (2 for some locations, more for others). -The flight cost -Ubers to/from -The hotel cost where I will be hosting you, unless I am coming to your hotel -An overall fair fee for the general time this voyage will take. An example: Flying me to Dallas $950/3 hour appointment $250 round trip flight $200 in ubers $175 for my hotel room at Hilton Overall time: 7am to 7pm. 12 hours of my time, minus appointment hours at $750 ( $75/hr x 10 hours). = $2,325 This requires a 100% up-front payment to ensure that I book my own travel immediately and set up my appointments accordingly.
  • Do you session with other Mistresses?
    Yes. Mistress Michelle Lacy is available for double Mistress sessions, starting at a discounted additional $350/hr. Mistress Michelle is a great addition for lighter scenes to extreme scenes. She is well-versed and highly skilled, with a great personality. A reason you may wish to add Mistress Michelle, might be because you want to add elements to the scene which fall in her skillset: heavy bondage scenes including suspension and/or intricate rope and gear, heavy medical play, advanced CBT/NT and predicament bondage situations. Or you may want to add Mistress Michelle as a second Mistress who has the know-how to get inside your head and turn your world upside-down. Size 8 shoe. Mistress Leah is available as a Mistress-in-Training.With her mile long legs and amazing size 7.5 feet she is a foot worshippers dream. Just don't let her fool you--she can dole out the punishment you know you deserve. Beautiful, educated, sophisticated and more Leah is an excellentat choice for a duo session, her rate starts at an additional $200-$250/hr depending on session interest.
  • What is your schedule?
    Appointments are generally booked roughly 24 hours in advance. I am usually available to take appointments 7 days a week, with a 24 hour notice. I do not have a set-schedule, as I do this part-time when I have the time, and appointments are requested for such random days and times, as every client's schedule is much different than the next. Some people are here on business with only small windows of free time. Others are only available at night because they work late hours. Others, only in the morning. I generally can take appointments from 10am to 10pm. I could possibly do earlier or later, but you need to ask.
  • Can I make a wardrobe request?
    You may, as long as it is in advance, and not short-notice. I may have already left for the studio or may have to go out and buy something specific such as fishnet stockings. I cannot magically make things appear out of thin air if I do not have them on-hand. Best to ask as soon as you think of it.
  • Are you going to take pictures or otherwise compromise my identity?
    No, absolutely not. I only take pictures during my scenes if my subs request me to, and I only post any on my social media or my website if they specifically tell me it's ok. I would never put anyone's identity in jeopardy. Consent is consent.
  • How do you take deposits? What is your booking procedure?
    This is all answered on the BOOKING PROCEDURE page, under the SESSIONS tab.
  • Do you sell custom clips?
    Again, for privacy reasons I do not offer any sort of video, clips or pics for sale.
  • Do you give references?
    Yes! However, I do require that we have sessioned at least twice in the past 6-8 months ensuring I have spent enough time with you where I can confidently give my fellow providers a reference for you. To receive a reference you must email me first and ask. Once I give the ok please tell the provider to email me at with the following info: -The name you used when booking with me. -The email & phone number used when booking. -The date(s) we sessioned. -The providers website and Twitter. By providing this info it allows me to find our session communications quickly so I can get your reference out asap. It also allows me to check out the provider you plan on seeing to make sure they're legit. I am not a jealous person and understand some clients like to see a variety of providers but I have saved clients from getting scammed in the past simply by doing a few mins of research before sending referrals with my name behind them.
  • Do you have reviews? Where can I find them?
    Simply put I do NOT engage in review sites. While I have plenty of clients singing my praises and occasionally share these comments in my testimonial area (with permission) I will not base my business off it. And while I do see the positive aspects of reviews I feel there are more negative ones and choose not to engage. What may upset one client might not be an issue for another. I spent years honing my craft and building my business. To allow it to be scrutinized by review sites sadly filled with trolls and fake reviews that are barely regulated is just not a smart move. No judging if you like review sites but to me this is a private personal experience, not a set of pots and pans from Amazon, and should remain as such.
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